Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back from the deep sleep! This is Bea -- one of Jenna's friends

After a few ultra hectic months -- the day job was really kicking our author, Regan in the patooti -- some people just belong in stories as villans and nothing more, she's back! We in Adler Creek are eagerly awaiting our release in March of 2008.

We have our first reviews!

Cherokee at Coffeetime gave us 5 cups and said:

Indentured Bride is a remarkable tale with all the ingredients that keep the reader enthralled. Jenna and Brett are special characters that just bring warmth and sunshine into the heart. The reader cannot help but feel for them with all the events that play into their lives. The wagon train and the move out west was one that this reader could feel on the journey. Regan Taylor pens an extraordinary tale that is refreshing and intense. She creates a devilish villain in Julian that further mesmerizes the reader. I was so captivated with this adventure I wanted more.

From Anne K. Edwards said:

Talented author Reagan Taylor tells us a tale of two wounded hearts from two different worlds and their search for happiness and safety. Will they find it or will Jennifer's past return to threaten her? Will she have to return to the house of the man she so detests? I'm pleased to recommend this well told tale to any romantic or western romance fan who enjoys plenty of action. The story will pull you along as the realistic characters welcome you into their world. This is a tale that will leave you pleased at having read it and will have you looking for other books by this very able author.

Stay tuned! We'll have more to say soon!