Saturday, September 27, 2008

Traveling Bride and Paul Newman

It may seem like a tenuous connection but when I write I do get an image of who would be good in the role of some of my characters should they ever make it that far. Even though they are older when I was writing Traveling Bride I could easily see the younger Paul Newman in Rick's Role. A kind of dry sense of humor, quiet, steely, amazing blue eyes and the kind of guy you just want to bring home. Kendrick in Mistaken Bride was so very much Robert Redford. Again, it's the eyes. The color, the communication conveyed in a glance, the sexy guy who you just can't resist.

Interesting to me I never really got an image in my mind of who would be the best Brett and that's odd because I really do like -- love -- Brett as a character. Maybe during the month long discussion of Mistaken Bride on WRDF www.

(You can pick up a copy of Indentured Bride on the Awe-struck site, Fictionwise or at Amazon! Come and join in the discussion! ) someone will have the perfect idea.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm blogging today at 7 Wicked Writers!

Yipeeee!!!!! It’s my first official blog day with the other six oh so deliciously wicked writers! I’m jacked! Totally jacked!
So today I’m going to hold a little contest….each person who asks me a question — now it does have to be a real question — will have their name put in my cauldron and tomorrow morning not-so-little Mel will pick the winner. The prize — I found these really neat forget-me-not note cards that I love using.
So what’s new with me? Hmmmmmm…..
Well I’ll be signing Her Eyes ( at Walden’s in San Rafael, California next Saturday from 4-6 with Alan Jacobson. I learned about Alan when one morning, Ronn Owens, one of our local radio talk show hosts, did one of these events he does now and again where he has callers call in with topics about why they would be a fabulous guest. Then listeners get to vote on who they want to hear. Alan won and he talked about the ins and outs of publishing and his newest book The Seventh Victim about an FBI profiler. He was so fascinating to listen to I tracked him down and asked him to sign with me. Happily he agreed!
The news that has me totally jumping up and down is that Indentured Bride ( has been chosen as a book club selection on Writers and Readers of Distinctive Romance ( for November. Lynda Coker, the owner is preparing a selection of discussion questions to make this a solid discussion. You can pick up a copy of Indentured Bride from Awe-struck, Fictionwise, in e or print from Amazon or write me at Regan @ Regantaylor (dot) com for an autographed copy. Of course I’ll be running a contest during the month with this great jar candle I found with layers of scents!
Nano Write is starting in just a little over a month and this year I’m going to be writing Michael’s story from Jason’s Accord ( My editor fell in love with Michael, I beefed up his role in Jason’s Accord and in response to a number of readers asking he’s going to have his own story — tentatively titled Amazonia — where one of Austin Quinn’s roles from America’s Hero ( does one of his movies.
In the meanwhile I have Her Eyes two off with a Beta reader — this one has some really creepy scenes in it as well as The Photograph which has me writing the Crystal Ball — another Kelly McKenna story which, The Spell is currently out for submission.
So here it is, a slightly chilly Saturday in Northern California (my favorite weather) watching a DVD of Murder She Wrote and looking forward to some good questions and a relaxing three day weekend!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Indentured Bride has been chosen as a Book Club Selection!

WRDF has chosen Indentured I was thrilled to learn that Indentured Bride is going to be one of the featured discussion selections at WRDF!

I'll be running a contest for the participants in this discussion with details to follow.

Bring your questions, thoughts and theories on Brett and Jenna, learn a bit more about Rick and Kendrick who's stories follow!

Check out where to find this exciting discussion and to buy your own hot copy at: Bride as a book club selection for discussion starting in November!