Saturday, September 27, 2008

Traveling Bride and Paul Newman

It may seem like a tenuous connection but when I write I do get an image of who would be good in the role of some of my characters should they ever make it that far. Even though they are older when I was writing Traveling Bride I could easily see the younger Paul Newman in Rick's Role. A kind of dry sense of humor, quiet, steely, amazing blue eyes and the kind of guy you just want to bring home. Kendrick in Mistaken Bride was so very much Robert Redford. Again, it's the eyes. The color, the communication conveyed in a glance, the sexy guy who you just can't resist.

Interesting to me I never really got an image in my mind of who would be the best Brett and that's odd because I really do like -- love -- Brett as a character. Maybe during the month long discussion of Mistaken Bride on WRDF www.

(You can pick up a copy of Indentured Bride on the Awe-struck site, Fictionwise or at Amazon! Come and join in the discussion! ) someone will have the perfect idea.

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