Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kicking off Nano Write and Indentured Bride's discussion!

We’re off and running! Aside from the Nano Write main site, there are any number of publisher, author, review and chat groups doing word counts, parties and encouraging the participants. I’m looking forward to the count of how many of us are doing it this year.

For me, my doctor has also joined on the bandwagon to encourage me. He says that with what’s all going on, writing, along with working out, is the best therapy in the world. So, he’s going to have me checking in with him as well to make sure I’m at least sitting up if not getting up to do this.

Soooo, therapy it is, and at least in my mind I’ll be traveling far into the future to the planet Amazonia, my book for this year’s Nano.

A brief synopsis:

Amazonia is book two of my Descendant’s of Earth series. Book One is Jason’s Accord where Jason DuMont’s best friend Michael LaRosa invites him to an auction. It’s not your every day type of auction. 500 years in the future we have not only populated Mars, but we’ve moved beyond our galaxy. Two races have evolved, the Eadronis and the Martans, descendants of earth and Mars. When Jason first sees Miranda of Eadron, he is oblivious to any interest Michael has in her. Deciding that he needs to move on, Michael boards his transport and flies off to what he intends to only be a two, maybe three week break. When he lands on Amazonia, his world is torn upside down.

And the book club discussion for Indentured Bride has begun on;

Come and check us out!

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