Friday, November 6, 2009

Check out Kylie Brant's new contest and her Mind Hunters series!

Check out Kylie Brant's newest contest at: and if you are looking for some great reading check out her latest series, Mindhunters: Waking Nightmare, Waking Evil and Waking the Dead from Berkeley Sensation. Kylie's own words say it all: Brilliant criminologists, unlimited resources, infinite time.....the bad guys can still run, but they cannot hide. I've been a fan since she captured my attention with Last Warrior and each book has gotten better and better. Mindhunters is clearly the most explosive yet!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michael's Flight - Descendants of Earth Book 2 - Ready to Launch

In fact, it's due for release in about 4-1/2 hours!

Well I don't actually think my publisher, eXtasy Books ( is going to have it available at the stroke of midnight. Even after 7 or 8 book releases I still have the moment of anticipation just before it comes out. The writing is done, the edits are complete, the cover is there for all to see and it's time to say goodbye to my characters, at least for a time. I'll get to "see" Michael again when I write Blaise and Stavin's stories. Blaise is already haunting my dreams. And to Stavin, when he pouts because his story isn't next, I tell him I'm saving the best for last.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mistaken Bride, Book 2 of the Bride Series has been signed with Awe-struck!

I was thrilled to receive my contract for Mistaken Bride earlier this week from Awe-struck. Mistaken Bride picks up where Indentured Bride leaves off and is older brother Kendrick's story. Kendrick is a Deputy United States Marshal and is determined to get his man, errrr, woman. The question is, does he have the right woman?

Mistaken Bride is due for release in February 2010!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pod Casting!

Well, it's not a TRUE POD cast, but it's available for download at your convenience at Blog Talk Radio. Check out my excerpts for America's Hero and Indentured Bride at:


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kicking off Nano Write and Indentured Bride's discussion!

We’re off and running! Aside from the Nano Write main site, there are any number of publisher, author, review and chat groups doing word counts, parties and encouraging the participants. I’m looking forward to the count of how many of us are doing it this year.

For me, my doctor has also joined on the bandwagon to encourage me. He says that with what’s all going on, writing, along with working out, is the best therapy in the world. So, he’s going to have me checking in with him as well to make sure I’m at least sitting up if not getting up to do this.

Soooo, therapy it is, and at least in my mind I’ll be traveling far into the future to the planet Amazonia, my book for this year’s Nano.

A brief synopsis:

Amazonia is book two of my Descendant’s of Earth series. Book One is Jason’s Accord where Jason DuMont’s best friend Michael LaRosa invites him to an auction. It’s not your every day type of auction. 500 years in the future we have not only populated Mars, but we’ve moved beyond our galaxy. Two races have evolved, the Eadronis and the Martans, descendants of earth and Mars. When Jason first sees Miranda of Eadron, he is oblivious to any interest Michael has in her. Deciding that he needs to move on, Michael boards his transport and flies off to what he intends to only be a two, maybe three week break. When he lands on Amazonia, his world is torn upside down.

And the book club discussion for Indentured Bride has begun on;

Come and check us out!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Traveling Bride and Paul Newman

It may seem like a tenuous connection but when I write I do get an image of who would be good in the role of some of my characters should they ever make it that far. Even though they are older when I was writing Traveling Bride I could easily see the younger Paul Newman in Rick's Role. A kind of dry sense of humor, quiet, steely, amazing blue eyes and the kind of guy you just want to bring home. Kendrick in Mistaken Bride was so very much Robert Redford. Again, it's the eyes. The color, the communication conveyed in a glance, the sexy guy who you just can't resist.

Interesting to me I never really got an image in my mind of who would be the best Brett and that's odd because I really do like -- love -- Brett as a character. Maybe during the month long discussion of Mistaken Bride on WRDF www.

(You can pick up a copy of Indentured Bride on the Awe-struck site, Fictionwise or at Amazon! Come and join in the discussion! ) someone will have the perfect idea.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm blogging today at 7 Wicked Writers!

Yipeeee!!!!! It’s my first official blog day with the other six oh so deliciously wicked writers! I’m jacked! Totally jacked!
So today I’m going to hold a little contest….each person who asks me a question — now it does have to be a real question — will have their name put in my cauldron and tomorrow morning not-so-little Mel will pick the winner. The prize — I found these really neat forget-me-not note cards that I love using.
So what’s new with me? Hmmmmmm…..
Well I’ll be signing Her Eyes ( at Walden’s in San Rafael, California next Saturday from 4-6 with Alan Jacobson. I learned about Alan when one morning, Ronn Owens, one of our local radio talk show hosts, did one of these events he does now and again where he has callers call in with topics about why they would be a fabulous guest. Then listeners get to vote on who they want to hear. Alan won and he talked about the ins and outs of publishing and his newest book The Seventh Victim about an FBI profiler. He was so fascinating to listen to I tracked him down and asked him to sign with me. Happily he agreed!
The news that has me totally jumping up and down is that Indentured Bride ( has been chosen as a book club selection on Writers and Readers of Distinctive Romance ( for November. Lynda Coker, the owner is preparing a selection of discussion questions to make this a solid discussion. You can pick up a copy of Indentured Bride from Awe-struck, Fictionwise, in e or print from Amazon or write me at Regan @ Regantaylor (dot) com for an autographed copy. Of course I’ll be running a contest during the month with this great jar candle I found with layers of scents!
Nano Write is starting in just a little over a month and this year I’m going to be writing Michael’s story from Jason’s Accord ( My editor fell in love with Michael, I beefed up his role in Jason’s Accord and in response to a number of readers asking he’s going to have his own story — tentatively titled Amazonia — where one of Austin Quinn’s roles from America’s Hero ( does one of his movies.
In the meanwhile I have Her Eyes two off with a Beta reader — this one has some really creepy scenes in it as well as The Photograph which has me writing the Crystal Ball — another Kelly McKenna story which, The Spell is currently out for submission.
So here it is, a slightly chilly Saturday in Northern California (my favorite weather) watching a DVD of Murder She Wrote and looking forward to some good questions and a relaxing three day weekend!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Indentured Bride has been chosen as a Book Club Selection!

WRDF has chosen Indentured I was thrilled to learn that Indentured Bride is going to be one of the featured discussion selections at WRDF!

I'll be running a contest for the participants in this discussion with details to follow.

Bring your questions, thoughts and theories on Brett and Jenna, learn a bit more about Rick and Kendrick who's stories follow!

Check out where to find this exciting discussion and to buy your own hot copy at: Bride as a book club selection for discussion starting in November!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Future of the Bride Series

Vacation went by way too fast...and two weeks ago was back to work -- I have no clue where the past two weeks went. If anyone sees them, let me know.

Anyway, the week before last we got word over at Awe-struck that Mundania had purchased the Awe-struck and Awe-struck would continue on as an imprint of Mundania. While my ebook sales at Awe-struck have done well, having the print with Booksurge produced zilch -- in my opinion Booksurge way over charges and it doesn't do any favors for the authors. For that reason I held of submitting Mistaken Bride to Awe-struck. With the sales Indentured Bride continues to get in E I know that if the print were price more reasonably it would do as well if not better.

Mundania is with LSI and once the transfer is complete print books with be through LSI -- that means bookstores will be able to obtain copies of my books -- unlike through booksurge where they just don't do it.

THAT news was the high point of my last month!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jason's Accord - Released today -- and check out Jason's Blog for a contest!

Jason's Accord was released today with eXtasy Books ( and to celebrate its release check out Jason's blog at where I'll be giving away a prize that fits with something Jason is always offering to Miranda.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vacation Kick off -- a Book signing

Vacation started at 5:00 and 1 second last night -- today, the first official day I'm off to a book signing with Carolyn Jewel and Margaret Lucke! I always enjoy these two authors and what they have to say. Different backgrounds, different genres and great conversation and insight.

If you're in the area of Waldensbooks in San Rafael from 2-4 today come by and say hello to us! I'll be debuting the print edition of Indentured Bride and signing Her Eyes as well.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

RWA Nationals and my Pending Pitches

RWA Nationals is in San Francisco this year and I'm thrilled because I get to go. I could have gone past years, but I prefer to stay home and make sure Miss Molly (who will be 20 in September) has her sub-q needs met. So the last week of July I get to attend my first conference and I'm thrilled. It's been an interesting journey to get there.

I registered in January with everyone else and then waited -- patiently mind you -- for the editor and agent appointments to open up in May.

I was thrilled to be able to sign up for one of each because Rita and Golden Heart finalists go first, then PAN and then PRO -- I'm PRO. My agent appointment is with Scott Eagan and I did have the pleasure of sort of meeting him several months, actually almost a year ago when the San Francisco chapter was putting together articles for our book, Writing Romance. He offered to write an article and agents and we scooped him up. Our corrspondence was only a few emails about the book but it felt genuinely friendly. So when I was able to be signed up for an agent appointment with him I was very happy. He's not into westerns - but I was planning to pitch the Spell at conference. Mostly I'm looking forward to meeting him after our initial connection from Writing Romance.

On the first day almost EVERY editor appointment was gone and I received one of the last and it was for Avalon. I love the name -- Avalon -- it goes to my Merlin images. But they don't publish what I write. I considered keeping the appointment just for the experience, but the bottom line was they wouldn't sign me and I wouldn't be happy changing my books to fit with them. More important, there could well be an author out there who has the perfect book for them and he or she might have a chance with them if I stepped away -- I'd rather think that someone landed a contract with them because I gave up the pitch than to have gone to the pitch knowing it wouldn't work. That would be so cool -- that who ever got that slot gets a contract.

So this week, in the middle of all this chat about no handouts at conference this year a message came through that there were some newly opend editor and agent appointments. I went back in and OMG! there was ONE opening with the Tor editor! I couldn't believe it. I type 75-85 words per minute but at that moment I'm sure I was over 100 because TOR is my dream publisher.
You know how you have those 5, 10 and 20 year goals? Tor is my long term goal. They publish the kinds of books, the genres, I write. I'm not holding out a lot of hope for a contract -- there are far more talented and experienced authors out there, but just to meet one of their editors and have the chance to pitch is a golden gift for me. And it just happened. *poof* right there in my lap! I'm so thrilled. It was such an unexpected opportunity and it just happened.

So now I have to wait out the next week at the day job....a signing next Saturday that I'm looking forward to because I'll be signing with Margaret Lucke, and then nationals start on the 30th. All that talent and some of my favorite authors all in one place! It's a reader's dream come true.
And for me as a writer -- being able to pitch to two people I respect -- well I respect Scott Eagan and if dreams come true, I'll have a super pitch with Tor!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tainted Hero by Michael Davis

Author Michael Davis is giving away a paperback copy of TAINTED HERO. The novel received 5 stars by five review sites and recently made the publishers best sellers list. Visit and follow the instructions on the “contest” page. The winner will be drawn randomly on 7/30/08.”

This looks like a really fun contest! Definitely check it out!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Writing to the Word Count

Over the years I've read a few books where there are scenes that I just go "huh? why is that there?" They just seem to come from no where, like maybe a mistaken cut and paste from another book. Maybe? Then I figured out I needed to go look at the publisher's minimum word counts and began to wonder if in these rare cases of the "huh" scenes if the author had to stop writing the story and write to the word count. It sure seemed like that was what was happening and it sure brought the story to a grinding halt. I could be wrong -- it's been known to happen.
But about this time yesterday I knew I was writing to a word count on a book. I just knew it. I submitted one of my books to an agent and she immediately took a look at the first ten and I will be eternally grateful to this agent because she took the time to tell me what was wrong. You can't improve if you don't know what's wrong. She pointed out two things to me, both easily fixed, or so I thought. The first part was easy. Just add a scene that I'd been thinking about anyway and then, because I was "done" didn't do it. It may not be the best intro scene but I'm working on cleaning it up.

The second part was she told me that NY houses are looking for 80,000 or better -- I was at about 71,000 and she didn't feel she could sell it below the standard count. I understand that. Totally. That's a good chunk of pages when you run it out. I knew I could take care of that -- the scene I had been thinking about and making some of my descriptions richer. I worked on it the past three days and by this time yesterday was at 79,000 and felt pretty good about it. But I realized I had begun to write to the word count and not the story. It was becoming loaded with junk that meant nothing to me. I put it away.

When I woke this morning as I do most mornings, I knew what I had to do to make it right. I do feel fortunate that my dreams come through that way. I believe my/our subconscious churns away while we're sleeping and resolves most of our problems for us. (I won't digress into the day job). Excited I started to work -- my ending wasn't really the ending. I didn't have the family being happy about the wedding, I didn't have the wedding, I didn't have that last love scene and I didn't have the remaining bachelor do some thinking about his own future. Well duh. Slap myself on the forehead and start writing.

3,000 words later I'm at 82,500 and it wasn't to the count. I cut out about 2000 words I did yesterday to get the count and still came in at 82,500 and it feels good, really good. Of course it needs to be edited. I know I've got a couple of stupid things that someone needs to say to me "excuse me?" and I can probably catch most of them myself reading it over this week. I liked this book before. I really like it now. The original ending was all right -- this, I think, ties up some pesky loose ends and the epilogue leads into book 3 which I REALLY like because it's a time travel!

I really felt blocked trying to get to the count instead of writing the story that needed to be told. Of course Rick, the "star" of book 3 has been pounding through my dreams for over a year, demanding I get on with it. He doesn't want to be married, no, not him, nope, not at all -- just get him a bride!

Now I feel like I can move more solidly into either Her Eyes 2 or Road Trip. Have to see how I feel tomorrow.

I have to work the day job tomorrow -- probably Her Eyes 2 -- it's a time travel with a really disgusting bad guy that when I told Jennifer Cloud how warped it was she was thrilled I was developing a bit of horror to my stories.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Looking for Austin Quinn - America's Hero


In America's Hero Hollywood Actor Austin Quinn plays America's Hero,
Marine Corps Major Cass Winters IS America's Hero

Now is your chance to nominate America's Hero and Help me find Austin Quinn
America's Hero is my newest time travel and due out with Champagne Books ( in March 2009. Austin Quinn is a Hollywood hottie and he has played not only some of the greatest heroes America has seen, he's also played such icons as Achilles and Robin Hood in his movies.

Major Cass Winter is a Marine Corps F/A-18 pilot who just wants nothing to do with the Hollywood hunk. Through a freak incident, both are thrown back in time to before the walls of Troy.

contest with hopefully something for everyone.

Part One is your chance to nominate who represents Austin Quinn. The winner will have his photograph featured on Austin Quinn's page on my website and on his own blog, a $25 gift certificate, $25 Starbucks card, a free download of a Champagne ebook and an autographed copy of America's Hero when it is released. For more info check out the contest page on my website at

Nominations will be accepted and posted from July 4, 2008 through August 31, 2008. From September 1, 2008 through November 10, 2008 (the Marine Corps birthday) everyone will be able to vote on just who is the epitome of Austin Quinn. Please direct any questions to: Austinquinnhero (at) gmail (dot) com.


Part Two is finding who your American Hero is--is he the young man who shovels snow for the elderly lady next door? The woman who volunteers for the literacy project? A firefighter rushing code 3 to a fire? Prizes will include a $25 gift certificate, a $25 Starbucks card, a free download of a Champagne book, and an autographed copy of America's Hero when it is released.

From July 4, 2008 through August 31, 2008 you will have your chance to nominate these heroes by going to Austin's Blog at and entering a comment on who your hero is. On September 1 (Labor Day) the voting will begin for who epitomizes who a true hero is based on the stories told about this amazing individuals. Voting will run until November 10, 2009 (The Marine Corps Birthday and the day before Veterans' Day). (You will need to leave your email so we can contact the winner.) The winner will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card, $25 gift certificate, and the download of their choice from Champagne Books.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

From Lisa at Night Owl

This is not your typical ‘mail order bride’ story. Jennifer Matthews is fleeing home, literally for her life, joining up with a wagon train for mail order brides. Thinking that one more woman wouldn’t make a difference, she gets more than she ever bargained for when the man waiting for her on the other end forces her to keep her end of the agreement and marry him. Not only has Brett Parker vowed to remain, but any number of women would love for him to be hers. Oh, did I mention he was also a drop-dead handsome sheriff?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

From Anne K. Edwards

author Reagan Taylor tells us a tale of two wounded hearts from two different worlds and their search for happiness and safety. Will they find it or will Jennifer's past return to threaten her? Will she have to return to the house of the man she so detests? I'm pleased to recommend this well told tale to any romantic or western romance fan who enjoys plenty of action. The story will pull you along as the realistic characters welcome you into their world. This is a tale that will leave you pleased at having read it and will have you looking for other books by this very able author.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

5 Cups From Cherokee at Coffeetime:

Indentured Bride is a remarkable tale with all the ingredients that keep the reader enthralled. Jenna and Brett are special characters that just bring warmth and sunshine into the heart. The reader cannot help but feel for them with all the events that play into their lives. The wagon train and the move out west was one that this reader could feel on the journey. Regan Taylor pens an extraordinary tale that is refreshing and intense. She creates a devilish villain in Julian that further mesmerizes the reader. I was so captivated with this adventure I wanted more.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Indentured Bride - The Prologue

1855 Adler Creek, Wyoming:
"Marry you? You want me to marry you?" Christina Jeffers laughed without humor.
"You don't seriously mean..." her laughter becoming hardier, " think I'd marry
"That's generally where a courtship leads, Christina," Brett Parker said, stunned at
her rejection.
"Oh Brett, you sweet man. Yes, generally it does, but I can't marry you."
"Why the hell not?" Brett Parker asked.
Stopping her laughter for only a moment, Christina told him, "Brett, look in the're half Cheyenne. I couldn't possibly marry an Indian let alone a dirty
Refusing to show the hurt he felt at her answer, Brett stood and pulled himself up
to his full six feet four inches. Drawing in a deep breath, he looked down at the
petite blond sitting before him. It took all his control not to wring her lily white neck
when he answered, "And here I thought giving a whore a proper name was worth
my time."
He caught Christina's hand a second before it would have connected with his jaw.
"I am not a whore!"
"No? Then what do you call a woman who spreads her legs for any man who
happens by?"
"I'm better than you, Brett Parker. I'm white, all white. You can only try to pass. No
self-respecting woman is going to marry you. Maybe I have slept with a few men
here and's not like a crime for a widow to take a lover, you know. But I'm
no whore."
"No, Christina, you aren't better than me. You aren't better than anyone."
He stepped away from her. As he grabbed his coat, she called after him, "Brett,
just because I won't marry you doesn't mean we can't carry on."
"What?" He knew his surprise at her statement showed clearly on his face.
"Well, until I find a decent white man to marry, I don't see why I can't have you in
my bed...that's all any of the women want with you, Brett--your body and your
money. I thought you knew that. You may as well give your body to me because I
don't need your money."
Drawing on a lifetime of control, Brett walked out the door, taking care not to slam
it lest the depraved woman on the other side know just how angry and hurt he was
by her comments.
He controlled his gait, making sure his strides did not change from the length he
normally took. Clenching his hands, he forced himself to lose the image of choking
Christina with them and to let his arms hang loose. He knew he was half-white,
half-Indian and so did the entire town of Adler Creek. Everyone accepted him for
who he was--a deputy sheriff, and because of his father's business acumen, a
fairly well to do rancher--but most importantly, a self-made man. Yeah, a selfmade
man who isn't good enough for any woman to marry. Despite how his father
fought for Brett to be treated as an equal, despite how hard Brett tried himself, it
was clear the old prejudices were alive and well in Christina Jeffers. Vowing to
never again become involved with a woman, especially a white woman, it took all
his effort to stride past the saloon. He walked on to the sheriff’s office where his
life long friend and boss, Rick Hansen, sat behind his desk reading the local
"Thought you wanted tonight off to take care of some personal business," the
blond-haired, green-eyed sheriff greeted his deputy. His smile quickly faded when
he saw Brett's face. "You want to tell me what happened?"
"You want me to buy you a drink?" he asked while opening a desk drawer and
pulling out a bottle of whiskey.
"Okay, then we'll sit here and talk."
Brett ran

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Message from Kendrick Parker

Word buzzing on the wires is that Brett and Jenna's author, Regan Taylor has finished my story! I'm plumb excited because I've been wanting to meet and marry my own bride. From what I understand my bride is Ms. Amanda Davis of Massachusetts. I also understand she can be a bit uppity in her speech, but she's a warm, loving woman that I can't live without.

We hear Regan is looking for just the right home for us -- other than the family homestead in Adler Creek. Check us out at!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back from the deep sleep! This is Bea -- one of Jenna's friends

After a few ultra hectic months -- the day job was really kicking our author, Regan in the patooti -- some people just belong in stories as villans and nothing more, she's back! We in Adler Creek are eagerly awaiting our release in March of 2008.

We have our first reviews!

Cherokee at Coffeetime gave us 5 cups and said:

Indentured Bride is a remarkable tale with all the ingredients that keep the reader enthralled. Jenna and Brett are special characters that just bring warmth and sunshine into the heart. The reader cannot help but feel for them with all the events that play into their lives. The wagon train and the move out west was one that this reader could feel on the journey. Regan Taylor pens an extraordinary tale that is refreshing and intense. She creates a devilish villain in Julian that further mesmerizes the reader. I was so captivated with this adventure I wanted more.

From Anne K. Edwards said:

Talented author Reagan Taylor tells us a tale of two wounded hearts from two different worlds and their search for happiness and safety. Will they find it or will Jennifer's past return to threaten her? Will she have to return to the house of the man she so detests? I'm pleased to recommend this well told tale to any romantic or western romance fan who enjoys plenty of action. The story will pull you along as the realistic characters welcome you into their world. This is a tale that will leave you pleased at having read it and will have you looking for other books by this very able author.

Stay tuned! We'll have more to say soon!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Kendrick Parker

I'm Kendrick Parker and I'm the Parker brother who's a United States Marshal, the one in Indentured Bride who basically saved the day for Brett and Jenna. Mistaken Bride is my turn and word is Regan may be starting my story for the Nano-Write. I also heard that she is going to be creating a website for us grooms....and brides. I sure hope so because I'm ready to fall in love!

Friday, June 22, 2007

So, what's going on?

I heard some scuttlebutt in town that our author, Regan Taylor, has been busy with her errata on Treasures Antique Store: The Photograph -- part of another one of her series. She wants to get back to our series, but with The Photograph to finish up edits and then doing some reworking on her two books she got the rights back to and this book she calls a time travel -- America's Hero it's gonna be awhile before she gets to my brother Kendrick's story.

Now here's something interesting -- there's a Kendrick in that Photograph story, but it's not my brother. My brother Kendrick is a United States Marshal in 1860. The one in the photograph is a knight. Not that my big brother couldn't be a knight. Afterall, aren't all us lawmen like knights in shining armour?

Yes, I meant armour.

Well I'll be investigating this and then heading home to the love of my life, Jenna.

Deputy Brett Parker

Saturday, May 26, 2007

We have a release date!

We heard from our publisher this week -- Kathryn at Awe-Struck books and we are going to be published in March 2008! To say Regan, our author is estatic would be a gross understatement. She's beyond happy and so are we.

Now, if only she'd take some time to finish my brother Kendrick's story.....

Brett Parker

Monday, May 7, 2007


We just got the word! Our author, Regan Taylor, has found a home for us! We're going to be living with Awe-struck books. She gave it a lot of thought and that is where we are going and we are so pleased. That's Brett Parker below...for an idea about just what the Parker boys are about.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

We just got the word -- our author is starting on our 2nd books!

We just got the word over the wires that our author, Regan Taylor, is going to be starting on Kendrick's story! On her yahoo group they are doing a writing challenge and she's FINALLY starting on our second story. Okay, okay, we know Brett and Jenna don't have a publisher yet, but with how well her other books are doing...Miranda's Heart and the Wicked Witch are best sellers and we saw some of the reviews for Spell Across Time: The Pentacle and readers are eating it up, so we are hoping to have our own home soon.

Meanwhile, we're excited to know Kendrick's story is on its way!

The characters of Indentured Bride

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Meet Julian Carlman

You know, I'm not really half as bad as my neice, Jennifer makes me out to be. In fact, if you look at what she's done...she's really the bad seed of the piece. After was HER father that killed himself, and ungrateful little bitch, she turned down my offer to help her...really help her. What was my thanks for offering her comfort on her first night in my home? She hit me over the head with a lamp. Now I'm dead...but my murder will be avenged. You see, I had plans for Jennifer, big plans. And she, she and that Deputy, Brett Parker, they ruined them all.
I had such plans. You see, I'm quite good with money. Not that I've ever really worked an honest day of my life. But who needs to work when you can gamble and, well, there are ways to help people who are in a jam that can be financially beneficial.
Jennifer...I've coveted her since she was a child. I planned and planned. I'd even convinced my sister that it would really be okay for Jennifer to marry me. So what if my idea of comforting her was spending the night in her arms?
Hitting me on the head put an end to that. What can you say about a woman who kills her kind uncle and leaves his body?
You can learn more about Regan, the wonderful lady who brought me to life at
Ever yours in slimy activities, Julian Carlman

Friday, December 22, 2006

Meet Jenna Parker

well, actually it's not really Jenna Parker...It's Martin. Well it's not really Jenna Martin either. You see, I'm running away, not from home or a husband. I did something much much worse. In my headlong flight to ended up on a wagon train west, but not just any wagon train. We're talking a mail order bride wagon train. But I don't feel like a mail order bride. In fact, I don't want to be a bride at all. So let's call it what it is, an indentured bride, okay. Every time I try to leave the train someone notices and stops me. To make it worse, just short of our arrival in Adler Creek, Wyoming I find out that some guy named Brett Parker has decided we're going to be married! Oh yes! And to make it worse, he's the Deputy Sheriff! Can you imagine being arrested by your own husband? Especially after you have fallen head over heels in love with the man?
And you've seen his picture? Who wouldn't want THAT gorgeous man coming home to her every night? But you know, I may have left my past behind...I just may be able to make this work.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Meet Brett Parker

My name is Brett Parker and I am a Deputy Sheriff in Alder Creek, Wyoming. I've never really thought much about getting married but then some of the men in town started this idea of some mail order brides. I didn't plan on it...ask my best friend Rick, the Sheriff. I wasn't really looking for a bride. And then I met Jenna Parker. Oh, and in case you're wondering...that's me, Brett...just above Regan's name.