Saturday, August 23, 2008

Future of the Bride Series

Vacation went by way too fast...and two weeks ago was back to work -- I have no clue where the past two weeks went. If anyone sees them, let me know.

Anyway, the week before last we got word over at Awe-struck that Mundania had purchased the Awe-struck and Awe-struck would continue on as an imprint of Mundania. While my ebook sales at Awe-struck have done well, having the print with Booksurge produced zilch -- in my opinion Booksurge way over charges and it doesn't do any favors for the authors. For that reason I held of submitting Mistaken Bride to Awe-struck. With the sales Indentured Bride continues to get in E I know that if the print were price more reasonably it would do as well if not better.

Mundania is with LSI and once the transfer is complete print books with be through LSI -- that means bookstores will be able to obtain copies of my books -- unlike through booksurge where they just don't do it.

THAT news was the high point of my last month!

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